Cyber Talent Solutions

Whether you’re looking for your next great opportunity or need to hire remote or hybrid talent, Elevate is ready to serve you!

We Are Practitioners

Elevate originated as a Cyber Security and IT consulting firm, but soon realized the additional need for staffing and job placement in the Cyber Security and IT industry. The same conversations took place throughout the years of our clients being short-staffed and needing help. Impressed with the quality of our own team members, they came to us for assistance. As we had been building our own team of top-tier consultants, we knew just where to look. Through the organic flow of helping our clients, we created an in-house Talent Solutions division. We developed a highly efficient and effective process of  searching for candidates for our growing team and our clients’ growing teams simultaneously.

Unlike generic staffing firms, Elevate’s team is made up of practitioners specializing in cybersecurity, IT, GRC, and Internal Audit. We are experts in our field who know what to look for in an ideal candidate, and how to find placement that suits everyone’s needs. With Elevate, you get recruitment with a personal understanding and perspective of the demands of the industry. It is the utilization and application of this knowledge that has set us up for great success in the talent solutions sector – and the rest is history.

Hire Talent

We are cyber practitioners who understand your staffing needs. All of our candidates are thoroughly vetted by experts in the field.

Find Work

We are with you the entire way. We work with our clients and know their teams, environments, and culture to set you up for success.