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Who We Are

Founded in 2008, and headquartered in Miami, FL, with offices in New York and San Francisco, Elevate is a consulting & staffing firm specializing in Cyber Security, IT Compliance, Privacy, and Internal Audit. The Elevate model is only to hire experienced and talented resources in the areas of expertise required for each institution. Our team consists of self-managed, high-caliber professionals with deep skills in Cyber Security, IT Governance, Risk, and Controls.

Elevate is a Women Minority Owned business. Elevate’s services are not exclusive to the United States and have international bandwidth. Elevate frequently works in Latin America and other European markets through our extensive network of partner entities. We are always seeking opportunities to expand our international outreach through our partner affiliations.

Elevate has a passion and commitment to our clients. Our consultants have extensive experience in their field of expertise, and have worked in multi-national companies, federal governments, and private industry. Our method and adaptive project approach enable us to deliver a stronger value proposition for our institutions at a competitive price.

Our Mission

  • To be proud of what we do
  • To serve and enjoy our clients and the people we work with
  • To grow our company and grow as individuals

Our Vision

To provide our clients with quality service that simplifies complicated challenges delivers intelligent insights, and promotes good decisions.

Our Values

  • We are client-centric
  • We believe in our people
  • We are humble and hungry
  • We are authentic and we adapt
Our Priorities
  • Optimize our Talent Acquisition process to build a lean, like-minded, experienced, and self-managing team of high-caliber professionals
  • Optimize our Client Service Delivery process by leveraging technology to automate complicated IT frameworks that simplify our client’s IT compliance and business processes
  • Invest in our People “train them so well that they can work anywhere, but treat them so good, they never want to leave”
  • Everyone contributes to Thought Leadership – Marketing is everyone’s job!
Our Niche

We reduce noise, focus on objectives, and deliver quality results that solve complex problems by implementing simple, resilient, and eloquent processes.

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