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Publication date: December 18, 2022

Need for Cybersecurity Policies in India

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Law enforcement is in charge of public safety and police officers these days rely on technology for many parts of their job. Cybersecurity in law enforcement has become a vital aspect of police work across the globe. Cybersecurity police technology is increasingly becoming essential as people are witnessing a public outrage over the ever-growing ransomware and hacking. In this case, according to the survey research, 88.2% responded saying that the Indian government should implement a cybersecurity procedural law, whereas 11.8% answered no. This shows that the highest number of respondents think that it can change the system to an extent when it comes to eradicating ransomware. Yes 88.2% No 11.8% Almost all enterprises are currently implementing cybersecurity in their workplaces. To ensure the cybersecurity of your organization, you must have a set of boundaries in place at both the local and virtual levels. When asked about having a cybersecurity […]

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