AI Governance & AI Audit

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) drives innovation and efficiency across various industries. From automating mundane tasks to supporting data-driven decisions, AI systems are proven assets for organizations worldwide. However, as these systems integrate further into our daily lives and decision-making processes, there is a growing need to ensure they are reliable, safe, and ethical. Moreover, as the regulatory landscape increases so does the need for AI Governance and AI Auditing.

Here at Elevate, with our multi-disciplinary team of governance, cyber security, privacy, data science and machine learning professionals we believe we can tackle all the facets of AI governance and requirements for auditing and control points and provide assurance to board of directors, audit, risk management and software engineering professionals. We imagine a world where accountability for proper implementation of AI is at the forefront of board of directors, senior management, and investors.

Our holistic approach to AI Governance and AI Auditing encompasses the following key areas

Understanding of scope and objectives

Considerations for broader societal and ethical implications

Inventory of AI Capabilities (in-house or third party used)

Bias Considerations and adherence to laws (e.g. NY HR Law)

Transparent Documentation and Practices

Feedback loops through the lifecycle

Standardized Data Engineering Practices 

Privacy by Design in AI Processes, Models and Practices (weather for the models themselves or use of Generative AI)

Standardized Data Science, MLOPS Tools and Practices

Third party risk management and related audit requirements

Continuous monitoring practices of Data Science, MLOPS, Product, Legal, Privacy and other stakeholders

Risk Mitigation Practices (e.g. pre/ post testing, periodic independent reviews)

Safety and explainablity considerations

Cyber Security  

Discover the Elevate difference.

Contact us today to learn how our unique methodologies, aligned with the EU AI Act, US 2023 Executive Order, and NIST AI Risk Management Framework, can safeguard your AI innovations.

Ask us for our mappings, controls and test procedures and processes to provide you a clear line of sight of your AI Governance and AI Risk Posture.

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