Industry Insight

An inch wide, a mile deep

Our industry and functional expertise allows Elevate to fully support our clients several critical business issues. Elevate offers our clients deep insights based upon our years of direct, front-line experience in a full range of industries from automotive to technology. Our clients rely on us to identify and help them respond to market dynamics in technology, emerging trends in complianceoperational best practices and industry specific accounting transactions.

Our team has the expertise for the most challenging issues that industries face in today’s ever-evolving business climate.


Where the rubber meets the road

Accelerated globalization in emerging markets is a significant growth area for mature automotive companies. As a result, the automotive industry is consolidating operations in more mature markets. This trend presents both opportunities and challenges. read more… >>

Energy and Utilities

A race to meet future demand

With the world’s population at an all time high, the greatest challenges facing energy and utilities’ industries are how to meet the rapid increase in future demand while reducing operational costs and investing in new technologies. read more… >>

Financial Services

Regulation: keeping ‘the tail from wagging the dog’

One of the greatest challenges facing financial service firms is in developing new products and revenue sources while combating the dynamic and evolving regulatory landscape. New regulations (e.g. UDAAP/Dodd Frank) constantly redefine the way firms market new products, manage compliance risk and remain profitable. A proactive and uniformed approach towards the relentless wave of compliance is the first line defense to controlling compliance costs and re-gaining control over your firm. read more… >>

Government & Education

Building a better future

In unstable economic times, government and educational institutions are under extreme pressure to cut spending and do more with less as well as maintain public interest. While spending must be reduced, cutting the quality of service and reducing the level of security is not an option. A cost-effective and sustainable approach to addressing current challenges is to adopt strategy focused / risk based principles.
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Healthcare & Life Science

Striking the balance: compliance, technology, profitability and security

Unprecedented reform in the healthcare & life science industries has reached new levels from increased fraud regulations, the push for ICD-10 billing codes, EMR implementations and HIPAA / HITECH compliance.

Today, healthcare organizations face even more challenges on the pathway to achieve future growth and success. To remain competitive, healthcare organizations must find the balance between compliance to applying the right technology to managing profits while maintaining an adequate level of security.
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Innovation. Transformation

Insurance companies struggle to find the balance between innovating self service platforms and maintaining a valued personal connection with their customers. Technology and more so, the internet, is transforming the operating models of insurance companies. Such rapid change to the industry poses many opportunities as well as risks. read more… >>


It all comes down to the service

As a service firm, we understand the challenge in continuously delivering world class service. However, the list of tops risks facing hospitality executives is far more exhausting: brand protection, pricing strategies, asset ownership, inventory management / monitoring revenue per available room (RevPAR) to name a few. While the industry continues to expand, executives must strategically manage the growth in a sustainable platform. read more… >>


Assembling value and meeting consumer demands

Assembling value and meeting consumer demands is a tight wire balancing act for most Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. Procurement delays, rising commodity prices, US talent shortages, off-shoring to near shoring the list of risks that threaten the CPG industry is endless. A holistic review of enterprise risks must be reviewed in unison to the business strategy. read more… >>

Retail & Consumer

Multichannel retailing poses unprecedented risks

Mobile mania transforms consumer spending habits and poses new threats to maintaining data privacy compliance. As retailers and suppliers strive to survive, they must also adjust to the changing regulatory landscape. Technology, distribution, go-to-market strategies and the approach to retailer-supplier collaboration have all been affected. read more… >>


Regulating innovation

As cloud computing, IT / business process outsourcing and software as a service (SAAS) is on the rise—so is compliance. If your company is considered a Service Organization, you’re no stranger to the mounting regulatory requirements. Creating unified regulatory compliance solutions that aligns with your business strategy and risk profile is a proven cost effective solution. read more… >>