Vulnerability Scanning


Safeguard your business integrity and customer trust through our comprehensive IT Security solutions

The Vulnerability Scan identifies all the assets in the network and then examines the assets for any weakness that could be used to disrupt the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of the network.

In-depth vulnerability scans for Internal and External Networks, Databases, Web Applications, and other IP-enabled devices, will identify the weaknesses within the network without the usual dangers of exploitation or more intrusive testing.

Vulnerability versus Penetration Testing

It is important to note that vulnerability scans/assessments are different from penetration tests. Penetration tests add manual exploitation of vulnerabilities to determine what information is exposed and for lateral movement through the network to identify additional weaknesses within your systems and networks.


Due to the cost-effectiveness of Vulnerability Scans, many times, an organization will begin their process with a vulnerability scan, and then dive deeper with a penetration test.

Report Options

Elevate offers report options that range from raw scan results to a formal report to offer this important service to organizations of all sizes and financial budgets. Contact us today to discuss the best approach to assess your firm’s weaknesses.

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