Physical Security


Peace Through Protection: Your Trusted Physical Security Partner

Physical Penetration Tests find and exploit the vulnerabilities within a company’s physical controls and barriers. A Physical Security Test is a non-invasive, comprehensive assessment of all the Physical Security controls in place at a facility or location. Depending on client objectives and requests for verification, Elevate may employ various Physical Penetration Testing techniques aligned with the desired objectives.

Our Process:

  • Reconnaissance to include, observing foot traffic, tagging high-value employees, logging times of entry and exit, surveilling external perimeter security measures, monitoring Security staff and the timing of their rounds
  • Performing OSINT – attempting to gather facility information, building and office information, fire exits, garages, rooftop access, etc.
  • Attempting to gain access to secured offices by lock picking doors, bypassing locks with known weaknesses, bypassing unproperly installed doors and locks and gates, etc.
  • Testing if RFID badges and readers are susceptible to tampering or hacking
  • Social engineering by use of piggybacking and/or pretexts to attempt to gain entry, trying to impersonate fellow employees, trying to impersonate 3rd party vendors, etc.
  • Detecting and assessing the Access Controls – attempting to hack and bypass them, biometric and other electronic security measures
  • Attempting to hack and bypass Monitoring and Surveillance systems – targeting WiFi, checking if it’s on the same network, and possibly jamming the surveillance
  • Determining whether there are blind spots or weaknesses in the Monitoring and Surveillance systems

Once access is gained, our team will attempt to

  • Access computers and/or information assets. Elevate will provide evidence that access was obtained, and data infiltration took place
  • Gain access to Workstations, Servers, connecting implants, keyloggers, rogue USB devices, or even rogue Wi-Fi access points
  • Drop implants and rogue devices, with the purpose of simulating an exfiltration of information, to determine the efficiency of IT in detecting and discovering the devices
  • Dumpster dive, hop fences, access “private areas”, locked closets, etc.

Elevate’s team will conduct a thorough assessment of your firm’s physical security measures and determine areas of weakness that need improvement.

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