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Publication date: November 29, 2022

Why an ironclad cyber defense strategy will be a top tech priority in 2023

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Bigstock Cyber Security Technology And 413790449 Digital transformation changed the way the modern world does business. The outcomes of digital transformation – efficiency and cost-savings from things like digital payments and cloud-based data storage – have been game-changing, but unfortunately, doing business in the digital world has also presented a new set of risks.

For years, bad actors have been attacking businesses online, but recently, the threats have multiplied. Now, there’s ransomware, malware, DDoS and a multitude of other cyberattacks that businesses must contend with.

The risk of cyberattacks has risen exponentially in recent years, with 37% of all businesses reporting ransomware attacks in 2021 – costing the world $20 billion . With that amount of risk, organizations cannot afford to continue business operations without a cybersecurity plan in place.

Some enterprise tech trends ebb and flow, but demand for heightened cybersecurity protection is here to stay. 2023 is the year we’ll […]

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