Process Documentation & Flow charts

Process Documentation & Flow Charts – Connecting processes

Document the process, see the gaps

Do you need to audit a new department or business unit? Management hasn’t identified the key controls? Not sure where the control gaps start and where the key controls are in place? Documenting a process is an effective method to understanding the key roles, key controls and the process overall. However, process documentation is time consuming and not every auditor is a naturally gifted writer.

Elevate’s expert team of Internal Auditors and Process Improvement consultants are naturally gifted writers and can quickly develop an adequate understanding of any processing environment using our process documentation methodology and our modularized approach. Our team of experts walk you through process documentation and flow charting techniques to quickly analyze, assess and document the process.

Leveraging our Process Improvement core competencies, we are flexible to your meet your style and requirements of documentation. From process narratives, to flow charts / transaction charts, to policies, or memos… we can customize our documentation deliverables to meet your communication needs.

Our process documentation not only assists your auditors in gaining a quick understanding of the process, our documentation also provides a baseline for performing risk analysis, internal controls testing and implementing process improvements as necessary.

Our process narratives and process flow tools allow auditors to organize, describe and graphically depict the results of:

  • Key policy, procedures and controls
  • Aids in performing process walk-throughs / ‘samples of one’
  • Identifies key inputs / outputs, to a process and process gaps
  • Defines the responsibility for individual employees and departmental roles