Policies, Procedures & Training Manuals

Policies, procedures and training manuals

Harmonizing teams and increasing transactional accuracy

Writing policies and procedures is a challenge, even for the experienced technical writer. In order for any organization to function properly, policies and procedures must be clearly written. They need to be accurate, brief, and easy to comprehend. When written correctly, policies and procedures can save time, eliminate frustration, and increase efficiency.

Elevate’s team of technical writers supplemented by savvy business process improvement consultants will not only document your policies in ‘plain English’ but simplify and demystify even your most unstructured processes. Our policy and procedures framework effectively collects, assesses and deciphers critical paths from operational gaps from process variations / deviations. As simple as it sounds, by documenting your process on a ‘click-by-click’ basis, mapping out the ‘bigger picture’ process overview and sharing such knowledge and training to your employees – significant gains in both team harmony and in transactional accuracy can be gained.

Our Process Improvement consultants understand that process starts with the people. People function best when they know their role within the process and they understand why their role is important. When the entire department and even stakeholders of the departments share this knowledge, organizational process and culture in a whole begin to transform. Our clients have noticed within weeks of training, less inter-department frustration, a reduction in overtime and an overall increase in transactional accuracy. Companies that provide continual training and maintain current policies and procedures tend to produce more and are known for their better work environment.