Internal Audit Tool Implementation

Selecting the right tools to implement your Internal Audit

Independent and objective advice – your interest is our only interest

Technology continues to be an enabler of business to achieve greater efficiencies and accuracy. Internal Audit is no different. Internal Audit departments are not immune to dealing with the challenges of technology and tool implementation. Evaluating and selecting the right software vendor can be difficult. Distinguishing from core functionality from system ‘bells and whistles’ can be challenging. Choosing the wrong vendor or software package can be costly and detrimental to the audit department.

Elevate’s team of IT Consultants, Project Managers and Internal Auditors understand the audit functionality as well as the technology requirements. We provide the unbiased advice for vendor evaluation and selection of new systems. Our requirements’ knowledge and structured methodology helps you define your key requirements, identify a short list of qualified vendors, develop scenarios for proof of concept, facilitate software demonstrations, conduct vendor due diligence and plan for implementation.

Elevate is not a software provider nor do we partner with any specific software company. We remaining completely independent and objective, and we remain focused on your audit department’s needs.