Innovation. Transformation

Insurance companies struggle to find the balance between innovating self service platforms and maintaining a valued personal connection with their customers. Technology and more so, the internet, is transforming the operating models of insurance companies. Such rapid change to the industry poses many opportunities as well as risks.

To remain in a high performing industry, insurance companies must adopt a flexible customer service model to respond to customers increasing demand of being able to manage transactions how, where and when they want.

Elevate’s Value Proposition for the Healthcare Organizations:

Elevate’s core focus on process improvement, IT consulting and compliance provides the following to the insurance industry:

  • Develop key metrics over customer service and claims management functions
  • Streamline operations via process maps, training manuals and road map solutions
  • Align business strategy to IT investments
  • Protect your data via information security reviews and technical security assessments
  • Develop a unified compliance assessment including (not limited to):
    • PCI / Data Privacy
    • Model Audit Rule (MAR) / Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)

Our process improvement and IT consultants works side-by-side with your management as well as team with industry experts in the customer service and claims management functions. We help you identify the gaps and provide the solutions between your current state and future state operations.