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Publication date: December 19, 2022

Improve Cyber Security Posture with 2023 Predictions

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Digitalization has made enterprise cybersecurity more complex than ever before. Taking that context into account, Future/Tense: Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2023 looks at some of the key trends organizations will need to address to strengthen their security posture for the year ahead.

This blog focuses on four priority threat predictions—cloud misconfigurations, hidden vulnerabilities, the vanishing network perimeter, and evolving ransomware business models—as well as a growing trend that will redefine enterprise cybersecurity going forward: the shift from point security solutions to a unified platform approach.

2023 prediction: Cloud misconfigurations will continue to undermine cybersecurity

What’s the risk with cloud misconfigurations? Misconfiguration has been the most significant cloud risk for a couple of years now, accounting for up to 70% of all cloud security challenges. That shows no sign of changing in 2023 given the ongoing pace of cloud migrations, especially as network environments become more distributed and the hybrid workforce […]

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