‘How To’ Documentation


   ‘How to’ Documentation

Best practice for technical”How To” Documentation

Developing “How to” Documentation requires a great deal of planning to make sure these documents arecorrect,

intuitive,clear, and concise. The following are some of the questions one should ask before the development of

“How to” Documents.

What is the purpose of the “How to” Document?
Who is the audience?
Who is going to test and verify the Documentation?
Is there a procedure already in place in lieu of the “How to” Document?
Is there a process in place to implement, distribute, and training on “How to” procedures?
Elevate can help your organization develop “How to” Documents that are easy to comprehend, effective, achieve the technical technology requirements needed

for a procedure, and provide a consistent ‘look and feel’ approach to the technical documentation development process in your organization.