Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities

A race to meet future demand

With the world’s population at an all time high, the greatest challenges facing energy and utilities’ industries are how to meet the rapid increase in future demand while reducing operational costs and investing in new technologies.

Elevate’s Value Proposition for the Energy and Utilities Industry:

Our IT consulting, process improvement, internal audit and accounting services can assist organizations that are undergoing cost containment initiatives while trying to measure their IT return on investment (ROI) by delivering various services including:

  • Aligning your business strategy to your IT investments
  • Uncover un-billed revenue via independent internal audits over the meter reading and billing process
  • Baseline and streamline operations via process documentation, gap analysis and strategy road map solutions
  • Reduce external audit fees via audit coordination / facilitation assistance
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Protect your data via information security reviews
  • Perform enterprise risk assessments

In a world of ever growing demand, Elevate serves the Energy and Utilities sector. Our services can assist you with reducing your operational costs via streamlined / efficient operational and information technology maturity and relevancy assessments.

Elevate’s process, technology and accounting consultants can fully serve your needs for increased demand in a secure, affordable and efficient way.