Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

Keeping Business Moving – Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

Plan & Protect from unforeseen events

It’s not a matter of if—but when. Whether natural or man-made, organizations ability to quickly and seamlessly recover operations is a costly gamble. Can’t afford to gamble when it comes to unscheduled downtime? Strategic planning for handling extreme or minor disruptions to your business is critical to avoiding interruptions to your people, process and technology. Unscheduled disruptions may not be prevented from happening, but you can be prepared for them when they do occur.

We work closely with our clients to present recovery and continuity solutions that are realistic and practical with our clients. We offer consulting services that accommodate every aspect of Disaster Recovery (DR) / Business Continuity Planning (BCP) project management, assessment, planning and plan testing.

Our services include:

Scope review: we work with you to understand and map the recover requirements for your specific business environment in terms of information technology and business functions. We help you define the goals and objectives of the business continuity, recovery planning project.

Existing Plan Review / Auditing: we perform a detail review of your existing recovery plan to determine the state of the plan and its objectives and validate the procedures documented in the plan. For this, we seek to understand the critical business functions; systems and applications; communication resources; team strategies; implementation processes; plan maintenance; recovery coordination duties and responsibilities; data collection and documentation practices and recovery plan rehearsal procedures. This review helps you identify the existing gaps with your continuity and recovery processes in order to provide you an accurate picture of what needs to be done to improve it.

Recovery Assessment: we work with you to determine the requirements and costs associated with implementing different recovery strategies.

Plan documentation: we work with you and your team to develop and document the comprehensive business and/or disaster recovery plan. We can leverage from standard templates that we provide to you, to customized scenario based plans.

Plan testing and exercises: we work with you in an advisory capacity usually as the Exercise Facilitator and Rehearsal auditor to facilitate the walk-throughs (e.g. table-top, structured, actual component). We help you evaluate the exercise or test activities and guide you through the process of “lessons learned” from the exercises.