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Publication date: November 29, 2022

Cloud Security: 5 Predictions on What Lies Ahead for 2023

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During the pandemic, companies embraced a radical shift of moving to public and private cloud environments. In fact, most enterprise application deployments now reside in the cloud and, in many cases, multi-cloud environments. Following are five key predictions on what lies ahead for cloud cybersecurity in 2023.

Organizations are no longer moving to the cloud. They are already there. And as the sun sets on 2022 and dawns on 2023, this strategic market shift will have considerable implications for cloud security and cybersecurity at large.

Here are five predictions to watch: 1. ‘Cloud’ Security Will Become Synonymous With ‘Cyber’ Security

In the past few years, there has been ample discussion about ‘cloud movement,’ cloud migration process, and ‘cloud’ security as a dedicated discipline within cybersecurity. This transition is largely over, or at least at very advanced stages.According to Radware’s 2022 Application Security in a Multi-Cloud World report , 99% […]

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