Where the rubber meets the road

Accelerated globalization in emerging markets is a significant growth area for mature automotive companies. As a result, the automotive industry is consolidating operations in more mature markets. This trend presents both opportunities and challenges.

Elevate’s Value Proposition for the Automotive Industry:

Elevate’s deep expertise in compliance, process improvement, IT consulting, internal audit and accounting supports organizations that are undergoing mergers and / or acquisitions (M&A) by delivering various services including:

  • Baseline and streamline operations via process documentation, gap analysis and strategy road map solutions
  • Identify and develop key metrics to manage and improve operations
  • Assist with purchase accounting transactions
  • Assist with accounting ‘clean up’ and consolidation reporting
  • Understand and record complex merger & acquisition (M&A) accounting transactions
  • Perform independent internal audits
  • Developing a unified compliance assessment
  • Implement IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • Perform enterprise risk assessments
  • Protect your data via information security reviews and technical security assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning

In a global market, we help you to remain competitive through streamlined processes, sound IT governance practices, increased visibility into your compliance oversight, protecting your data and through accurate and transparent reporting. We can meet and exceed your process, technology, compliance and reporting needs.

Elevate’s experienced teams meets you ‘where the rubber meets the road’ and will keep you moving forward