Anti-Money Laundering

Assisting Clients with AML Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

We can support your organization’s enhanced due diligence efforts by testing capabilities of your financial services clients, through periodic reviews designed to evaluate the adequacy of their AML/CFT compliance program.  Our onsite due diligence evaluations focus on minimizing customer relationship risks. This approach applies sound risk management techniques that helps us provide you with solid information about your client’s “state of internal controls” to detect, prevent, and report illicit activity, as well as regulatory violations that may hurt your institution and ultimately its reputation.

We also assist our clients through training, which we tailor make to fit your specific needs. Our training sessions are designed to ensure your organization complies with the mandates of the US Patriot Act, BSA, OFAC, and FinCEN.

Our suite of AML/CFT compliance services include:

o   AML Risk Assessments
o   AML System Validations
o   AML/BSA Program Development and Implementation
o   Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence Programs (EDD)
o   Independent Testing and Compliance Validation
o   Compliance Gap Analysis
o   Support on annual high-risk customer reviews
o   Support on alerts and case backlog
o   Forensic Reviews (transaction “look-backs”)

All services are designed to assist our clients’ compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

We work in conjunction with CSMB Partner to provide you a complete suite of services.